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10 More Interesting Questions

I found 10 more questions on the website, and again i thought that they were interesting. As always feel free to comment in the comment section. Here they are: 1) If the 2007 season was made into a movie who would play Eli Manning? Who would play David Tyree and who would play Coach […]

Eli Manning’s Greatness!!!???

I am the ultimate Eli Manning apologist and I was having a conversation with a friend about the difference between Eli Manning and Tony Romo and what he was saying was that Tony Romo has Superior athletic abilitly and potential, but that Eli Manning is a proven ‘winner’ (this is from a Cowboys fan, by […]

Does Eli Manning Play Better on the Road? Outside the Division? Worse in December?

Before I get into the actual data I want to make it clear that I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Everyone talks about how Eli Manning has trouble throwing in windy Giants stadium, so I’m setting out to see realistically whether or not this is actually true. Let’s take a […]

Giants Punch Out The Steelers — Conditionally

Memo to the “experts” who said the Giants weren’t a top-of-the-line team because didn’t beat any one of consequence in compiling a 5-1 record – News Flash! Yesterday, they punched out a really rugged, top-of-the-line, Pittsburgh Steeler team, 21-14. And, what’s more impressive is that Giants only lined up 11 guys against 16 Steelers at […]