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Fatman & Robin

I know this is a Giants blog but I couldn’t help posting this one, thanks to the big lead. When I picked up the New York Post today, I laughed at the cover. Never knew Robin was played by the midget from Fantasy Island. Then I flipped it over. To no surprise, the words “The Natural” were […]

How To Help In Haiti

I know this is a Giants blog, and we rarely post anything outside of the G-Men. Still, I thought this warranted attention. More than 100,000 people are dead in the earthquakes in Haiti. For a little perspective click on the link here. (Warning: link is pretty graphic). Luckily, there are many ways to help. The […] OffSeason. Bills Fire Staff

I wanted to post something that Fuchs posted  earlier, butI’ll do that in a second. The Buffalo Bills have “let-go” their entire staff. (The way is reporting it is that they have been told to look elsewhere, but the next head coach will choose who stays and goes). One of the main stays on […]

Offseason Plans

Sadly, the offseason is upon us. And while it can be exciting (free agency, draft, etc) there just aren’t any games. And that will suck. But, on the bright side, GiantsGab isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be here to update all of your offseason needs. Now, here’s where you come in. There will be days with […]

No Booze At Giants Stadium Finally:

I know this is a Giants blog but this caught my eye today. The Jets announced Wednesday that there will be no alcohol served at Sunday night’s game. Jets’ spokesman Bruce Speight said the team makes the decision on a game-by-game basis and arrived at this decision after consulting with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. […]

Chargers: Can set the table for the Giants

This afternoon as everyone knows, the Chargers will be facing our favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. And like most also know — Tony Romo and the ‘Boys have a losing record in December. Romo’s career record being 5 – 9 during this month. While another loss for the Cowboys here can catapult the Eagles and […]

Ask Justin Tuck A Question:

From ESPN’S Matt Mosley I’ve arranged for Giants defensive end Justin Tuck to visit with the NFC East blog and 103.3 ESPN Dallas-Fort Worth in the 6 p.m. ET hour today. If you’d like to ask Tuck a question, please leave it in our specially marked “comments” section. I’ll select what I deem to be […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted a separate post for this. This is a big thank you for all the readers who make the site what it is. When I became site editor, it was just me and Matt Loede writing. Now, almost a year later, we have 3 unbelievable writers, all of whom make this site much better. We […]

Transcripts Galore!

Traditionally,  the Giants make assistant coaches available to the media during the bye week. Well, this bye week is no different. I don’t want to bog down the blog with long transcripts. Instead, I’ll post the links (note: Just the defensive coaches were made available today. When the offensive coaches are available, we’ll post it […]

Kenny Phillips Talks About His Surgery

Kenny Phillips underwent surgery on his knee yesterday. In a new blog post, Phillips talks about the surgery, the healing process, and his state of mind. Read it HERE!