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Osi Has “Unexcused Absence” From Practice

Osi Umenyiora is AWOL. The star defensive end was not at practice, and Tom Coughlin called the absence “unexcused”, according to the Daily News. Apparaently, Umenyiora sent a text message to Jerry Reese informing him of the absence. According to Coughlin, “Osi was here this morning and then there must have been something of a […]

Albert Haynesworth Says The Giants Wanted Him:

I came across this today from Bob Glauber of Newsday: The Redskins’ morning practice in blistering temperatures and high humidity has just ended, and Albert Haynesworth walks off the field. The sweat is pouring down his head as he carries his helmet. Yet the conditions do nothing to wipe away his smile. At 28, and […]

Giants Might Enter Lotto

From Bob Glauber of Newsday: Less than a week after NFL owners passed a resolution allowing teams to sign licensing deals with state-sponsored lotteries, two NFL teams have already signed up for lottery deals. The Giants could be next. The Patriots and Redskins announced deals with Massachusetts and Virginia respectively, and a Giants official told […]

No Buress, no problem?

from   Perhaps quarterback Eli Manning has just grown tired of hearing how much the New York Giants’ offense is supposedly going to miss star wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Or maybe Manning is simply in denial about how the Giants’ passing game derailed as the team nose-dived at the end of last season after Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg […]

Sources: Pierce Not Getting Extension

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, the Giants are not planning on extending Antonio Pierce’s contract. Glauber cites sources who say there are no plans to extend his contract. Pierce has two years remaining on his deal.

No Deal for Edwards Imminent?

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, two league sources say that there is no deal between the Giants and Browns for Edwards ,nor is there one imminent. The sources also say that the Giants are unwilling to part with their first round pick.

Giants Will Not Trade Kiwi For Braylon Edwards

I have been reading rumor after rumor about a trade involving Mathias Kiwanuka and Braylon Edwards. Sorry to burst your bubble but according to Bob Glauber of Newsday that will not be happening. A league source with knowledge of the Giants’ situation informed Glauber that the Gmen will not be trading Kiwi for Edwards. As […]

Monday Morning Links

In this new segment, we will gather news and reaction about the Giants game from around the web. -Matt Mosely talks about the Cowboys turning the ‘drama’ of the week into a win. -Cowboys put their distractions aside – Giants need to get back on track, writes Bob Glauber -Maybe stating the obvious, but this […]

Four More Years: Coughlin on the Verge of Extension

  One year ago at this time the talk of the Big Apple was not was if Giants coach Tom Coughlin would be fired in 2008…it was WHEN would he be fired during the 2007 season.  Now who has the last laugh?  Coughlin, fresh off leading the Giants to their third Super Bowl title, is […]