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5 Keys To Beating The Cowboys

We can talk about this until we are blue in the face: This is a must win. The Giants have one loss to work with. One loss, and that gets them at 10-6. 2 losses, and they are probably out of the playoffs. So this game is huge. Have to win the home games. Have […]

Ask Justin Tuck A Question:

From ESPN’S Matt Mosley I’ve arranged for Giants defensive end Justin Tuck to visit with the NFC East blog and 103.3 ESPN Dallas-Fort Worth in the 6 p.m. ET hour today. If you’d like to ask Tuck a question, please leave it in our specially marked “comments” section. I’ll select what I deem to be […]

Eli: We’re The Same Team

From ProFootballTalk: The New York Giants looked like they were in complete control of the NFC East early this season, but they’ve been in a tailspin since Week Six, and if they lose to the Cowboys on Sunday, they can pretty much forget about winning the division. But Giants quarterback Eli Manning says there’s no […]

Giants Missing Out On Huge TrEnd

Today, the Eagles confirmed the news that they have locked up their third year TE Brent Celek through 2016. As they should — he’s their leading receiver with 601 yards and 5 touchdowns. Philly knows how to use their tight end, something the Giants are only starting to experiment with in Kevin Boss even after […]

Do you think you are the Ultimate Displaced NFL Fan?

This goes out to you, Packers fan living in Arizona or Seahawks fan living in Southern California or any other NFL fan living far removed from the local market of your favorite NFL team. If that applies to you, here’s your chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl and become a folk hero […]

Eli Says He’s Okay

When Eli Manning came down awkwardly on his heel, Giants fans across the world collectively held their breath. But, according to Eli, things aren’t as bad as they seem: “It’s a bruised heel, but I don’t know exactly what it is,” Manning said after the game. “We’ll find out more tomorrow. Obviously I can walk […]

Should the Giants Keep Lawrence Tynes?

I like Lawrence Tynes. I do. My friends and I even call him the “other LT”. But, when he misses a 21 yarder, there is cause for concern. See, the thing with Tynes is this: He’s one of the best clutch kickers, as evidenced by the NFC Championship game, the Dallas game, etc. But he’ll […]

Oh Brother.

Isn’t it funny how both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning led their respective games off with an impactful playaction fake? Here is the video of Eli Manning’s first play from scrimmage Sunday night in Dallas — a huge playaction pass complete to Steve Smith: video link Here is the video of Peyton’s first play of […]

Canty out sunday Vs. Cowboys

According to Ralph Vacchiano, Chris Canty will not be playing Sunday against his former team the Dallas Cowboys. Canty is suffering from a calf injury.

No Canty at practice

Chris Canty was not at practice today. T-Rock has the take: The big guy who strained his calf in practice yesterday was not on the field or even with the team this morning for practice. He was likely inside the building receiving treatment. That’s certainly a blow to the defensive line rotation that was in […]