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Tyree Likely To Retire

David Tyree is likely to retire, ProFootballTalk reports. Speaking to the media after a visit to the Giants OTAs yesterday, he had this to say. “It’s very likely I could shut it down and I won’t have any qualms about it,” Tyree said during a visit to the Giants’ organized team activities Friday. “Like I […]

My Top 10 Favorite Giants of All-Time

The idea for this post came while lying in bed late last night. I don’t know why, but a list of my top 10 favorite Giants of all time popped in my head. Call it fate. Over the course of their history, the New York Giants have employed many memorable players. From Hall of Famers to complete […]

History Of The New York Giants (2000-Present)

This will wrap up the decade by decade look at the history of the New York Giants and will focus on the Giants of the 2000’s.  I will continue with history about players, coaches and stadiums of the Giants next. 2000: Picked by most experts to finish in last place at the start of the […]

David Tyree Heads to Foxborough

NFP caught up with former Giant WR, Special Teamer, ehem, Superbowl Hero… and now current Baltimore Raven David Tyree. When reminded of the famous helmet catch that setup the Superbowl winning drive for the Giants, Tyree said: “Now when I see it, it’s a quick snapshot back in time that, for me, causes me to […]

What Went Right: Wide Receivers

Coming into the season many people belived that the New York Giants would be very good along the Offensive line and defensive lines, and that they were solid at Quarterback (but had over-paid their Quarterback) and that the Giants would be terrible at Wide Receiver. Hard to imagine now, but I had a friend (who […]

10 More Interesting Questions

I found 10 more questions on the website, and again i thought that they were interesting. As always feel free to comment in the comment section. Here they are: 1) If the 2007 season was made into a movie who would play Eli Manning? Who would play David Tyree and who would play Coach […]

Some Eli Manning Statistics

I like to go to for a few reasons. First up are the shows with Bob Papa and Carl Banks. Those are really pretty insightful, especially Banks.    The other is the weekly statistical review with Micahel Eisen. I enjoy stats so I always find this interesting. Now, the Eisen Mailbag is a waste […]

David Tyree goes to Baltimore

Tyree reportedly agreed to sign with the Ravens this afternoon. Looking back, letting him go for the young talent the Giants currently are overflowing with is now quite understandable. I was sad to see him go but if he plays his cards right around the beltway he just might get back in the playoff atmosphere […]

Giants Roundtable. Redskins Preview, Preseason Review.

    Welcome to! I hope you stick with us through the season. We had an idea here at we’ll call “roundtable” to incorporate many of our writers to get out a game preview and reaction to the game. It takes a lot of coordinaton and work so we want to know how […]

Giants Cut David Tyree; Cutdown Day Open Thread

In expected news, the Giants have cut Super Bowl hero David Tyree. Tyree was a long shot to make the team, as injuries, ineffectiveness, and better players ahead of him made it all but impossible. Because of his status as a Super Bowl hero, some (including me), thought that the Giants would keep him because […]