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Who Will Have to Handle DeMarcus Ware?

Tom Coughlin is confident that both starting tackles for the Giants offensive line will be able to handle one of the NFL’s best pass rushers Sunday night – DeMarcus Ware. On LT Will Beatty – who has been very good all preseason in keeping Eli upright: “He’s our left tackle. We’ve made quite a statement […]

Ranking The Giants: Offensive Line

We’ve been ranking the Giants all week. Today, we’re focusing on the offensive line. The offensive line had been the staple of the Giants success for the past couple of years. This year, however, line seemed to take a couple of steps backward. It may have been old age, nagging injuries, or just ineffectiveness. Let’s grade […]

Can The Giants Change to a 3-4?

I’ve gotten lots of emails and comments about the Giants defense. Of course, everyone and their mother wants Bill Sheridan fired. I think he will be tomorrow. The common theme I see is fans wanting to see a change to a 3-4 defense. For those unfamiliar, a 3-4 defense has 3 down lineman, and 4 […]

5 Keys to Beating the Cowboys

Giants are 1-0. Cowboys are 1-0. How do the Giants beat them? 1. Contain DeMarcus Ware You can’t stop DeMarcus Ware. You can only hope to contain him. How do you contain him? By putting a tight end or an extra offensive lineman on Ware. David Diehl can’t guard him on his own. Not many […]

Giants Roundtable Week 2: Dallas Cowboys

The Redskins chanelled the Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox and called the Giants “daddy” as the Giants continued their dominance of the Redskins, especially from the defensive side of the ball.  Where if not for the fake field goal touchdown the Redskins would have gone three straight games with only putting up 7 […]

Tuck Named Defensive Player of the Week

(Hopefully we see more of this on Sunday) Justin Tuck was named the N.F.C. Defensive Player of the week according to Matt Mosley. Osi Umeniyora had the sexier play, but Justin Tuck was integral part of the Giants last game, especially after Eli Manning’s turnover. I know I sound like a Giants homer here, but […]

Are Dropped Passes an Overrated Stat?

The biggest argument I hear against Bralyon Edwards is that he drops too many passes. So I ask you who are the top five WRs in the league in dropped passes last year? They are: Braylon Edwards Dwayne Bowe Branon Marshall Lavarneous Coles Anthony Gonzalez/Hines Ward Now, there are reasons I wouldnt’ want Bradon Marshall […]

Giants Fall in Dallas 20-8 to Cowboys

The Giants sure aren’t saying that they miss Plaxico Burress publicly, but when you watch this offense, you realize that’s not the case. In an extremely uninspiring effort last night, the New York Giants were soundly beaten 20-8 by the Dallas Cowboys and failed to put away a division foe when they had the chance. […]