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Giants Pluck Wounded Philly-Birds: Don’t Get Giddy!

Giants Pluck Wounded Philly-Birds: Don’t Get Giddy! By Martin Alvin Before I say something negative –- which, of course, I will –- let me acknowledge the fact that the Giants did, in fact, beat the Eagles 15-7 yesterday in the Eagle’s own house; and after a horrific 0-6 start, that’s good news. An NFL win, […]

History Of The New York Giants (2000-Present)

This will wrap up the decade by decade look at the history of the New York Giants and will focus on the Giants of the 2000’s.  I will continue with history about players, coaches and stadiums of the Giants next. 2000: Picked by most experts to finish in last place at the start of the […]

Ranking the Giants: Running Backs

Yesterday, we ranked the quarterbacks. Today, it’s the running backs.  Big things were expected from the Giants running game. Brandon Jacobs had 1,000+ yards rushing. Ahmad Bradshaw seemed more than capable of filling Derrick Ward’s shoes (and he was). Danny (or DJ) Ware showed some potential in preseason. And Andre Brown looking promising in training […]

Unpacking The Loss: Broncos

Telling stats So, here is the short of it…. Just about everything went wrong for the Giants Thanksgiving night. Take a look at the long list of telling stats that point to why the Giants lost this week, and you’ll quickly see 90% of the entries are in red. And to fully explain what the […]

Bradshaw Breakdown: The Right Kind of Touches

Look, the Giants for most of my adult life have been great at utilizing short passes to their backs and receivers — but in the past few years since Tiki Barber has departed, the strategy of dumping off to the backs on a regular basis seems to have departed as well. Admittedly, my problem with […]

Some Eli Manning Statistics

I like to go to for a few reasons. First up are the shows with Bob Papa and Carl Banks. Those are really pretty insightful, especially Banks.    The other is the weekly statistical review with Micahel Eisen. I enjoy stats so I always find this interesting. Now, the Eisen Mailbag is a waste […]

Unpacking The Loss: San Diego

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Penalties, sacks, poor coaching decisions, and poor defensive effort when the game was on the line is what cost the Giants the game yesterday. Telling stats Here are the key stats that illustrate why the Giants should have won: Chargers Giants Time of Possession 22:13 Time of Possession […]

Questions Answered: Ahmad Bradshaw

This week, Ahmad Bradshaw unquestionably had has his first breakout game of 2009. Further questions about whether or not Bradshaw’s week 5 performance should give him the start over the current #1 RB Brandon Jacobs have been raised. From sports radio to the blogosphere – we’re hearing about how Jacobs is frustrated with his lack […]

Unpacking The Win: Kansas City

Giants Chiefs Final Score 27 Final Score 16* Time of Possession 30:47 Time of Possession 29:13 * Score was 27-3 until 9:31 left in the 4th quarter You know… while I love the way the Giants have been playing this year there always seems to be an excuse as to why the Giants are successful. […]

Giants Roundtable Week 4: Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome to another edition of Giants Roundtable. I’m Jesse Bartolis and I’ll be hosting today. I have here with me, Andrew Ilnicki, Mark Picucci, and Jeremy Fuchs.  We’re hoping that this Roundtable is a jump off point for anything Giants related that you wish to discuss so after you read the best game re-cap and […]