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The Giant’s Dark Ages — Part 3; Ernie Wheelwright

If it sounds like there’s a pursuit-of-a-running-back theme in my series, The Giant’s Dark Ages, there actually is. From the early sixties on, the Giants were perennially searching for a stud runner. And, as it happens, after the Dick James trade (Dark Ages-Part-2) and after the Joe Don Looney fiasco (Dark Ages-Part-1) and just before […]

The Giant’s Dark Ages, Part-2; Dick James and Andy Stynchula

The trade made perfect sense — on paper. Unfortunately, football games aren’t won on paper. But the logic of the swap was impeccable. Giant’s All-Pro Right Defensive End, Andy Robustelli retired. His back up, Bob Taylor didn’t show much. The Giants lost the 1963 Championship Game to the Bears after Y. A. Tittle got hurt. […]