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Plax Getting Postponement

This from Tom Rock of Newsday: Just got off the phone with Ben Brafman (more to the point, he got off the phone with me) and he said that Plaxico Burress will in fact be seeking an adjournment during his appearance in court Tuesday morning. “That’s all I have to say,” Burress’ defense attorney said. […]

Report: Possible Plea Deal for Plax Still Requires Jail Time

The New York Times wrote a fantastic piece concerning a possible plea deal for Plaxico Burress:   A plea deal is being seriously considered in the gun possession case against Plaxico Burress, the New York Giants’ wide receiver, and it appears likely that any agreement would require him to serve at least some time behind bars, a […]

Union Might Hurt Plax

From NY Post: The job of a union is to protect the rights of its membership, but one has to wonder if perhaps Plaxico Burress should be attempting to stop the NFL Players Association from going after the Giants. At this point, he needs all the friends he can get. Burress must confront extreme legal […]

Bradshaw to Serve 30 More Days in Jail After the Season

Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw is going to serve more jail time.  The halfback said today that he has to serve another 30 days for violating terms of a probation he received as a 15-year-old.  The jail time will be served after the 08 season.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re Joe the milkman, or whoever,” said […]