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The Giant’s Dark Ages — Part 3; Ernie Wheelwright

If it sounds like there’s a pursuit-of-a-running-back theme in my series, The Giant’s Dark Ages, there actually is. From the early sixties on, the Giants were perennially searching for a stud runner. And, as it happens, after the Dick James trade (Dark Ages-Part-2) and after the Joe Don Looney fiasco (Dark Ages-Part-1) and just before […]

The Giant’s Dark Ages; Joe Don Looney

The 1963-64 off-season started out as pure hell. We’d just lost our 3rd NFL Championship Game in a row — 14-10 to the Bears. We’d lost 16-7 to the Packers in ’62 and 37-0 to the Packers in ’61. Actually, this was our 5th Championship Game loss since the infamous 23-17, sudden death loss to […]