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History Of The New York Giants (1990-1999)

Continuing with Giants history, I will focus on the Giants of the 1990’s.  The 90’s began with a bang but saw the end of an era with Simms, Taylor and Parcells all ending their tenure with the Giants. 1990: The Giants jump out of the gate quickly winning their first 11 games to take a […]

Remembering the 2000 NFC Championship:

For Christmas I was given the New York Giants 10 Greatest Games DVD, and if you are a Giants fan it’s a MUST HAVE.  So after all this losing I wanted to watch the Giants win a game so I popped in disc 8 (2000 NFC Championship game against the Vikings) and let me tell […]

So Long, Good Riddance and Thanks for the Memories

So it’s finally over, as you know by now, the Giants said goodbye to Plaxico Burress today, and to be honest I am glad they rid themselves of the headache. Now, before you bombard me with comments, I will always have a special place for Plax in my heart. Being a Spartan and Giants fan […]

Toomer Transcript

From   (Tough being here knowing you beat Steelers and Cards?) Yeah, but I think we know why we weren’t here. That’s all I can say. (How rough to finish up that way not knowing what your future holds?) I knew regardless of the outcome, if we would have even won the game, my […]

Ranking This Years Class of Free Agent QB’s

It’s that time again to start talking about free agency, and we’ll spend some time breaking down positions, and today we are going to start with maybe the most important position on the field – quarterback. Here are our rankings of Free Agent QB’s, and what we think will be the end result for some […]