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Some Eli Manning Statistics

I like to go to for a few reasons. First up are the shows with Bob Papa and Carl Banks. Those are really pretty insightful, especially Banks.    The other is the weekly statistical review with Micahel Eisen. I enjoy stats so I always find this interesting. Now, the Eisen Mailbag is a waste […]

Midway Statistical Review

  The follwing stats are taken directly from and their main site writer, Michael Eisen.   Before we get to that though, I want to point out something disconcerting. There is a lot of talk about communication problems on defense, and even worse is every time the media asks defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan about […]

Giants Get Clobbered In Philly, Lose 40-17

The Giants are in a free fall, as they got absolutely clobbered by the Eagles, losing 40-17. Eli and the offense looked frazzled, the defense couldn’t get a stop, and kickoff coverage was atrocious. The Giants have now lost three games in a row. All three were pretty ugly losses. Giants need to get it […]

Giants Make Too Many Mistakes, Lose To Cardinals 24-17

After a promising first half, the Giants made too many mistakes as the Cardinals beat the Giants 24-17. After a scoreless first quarter, the Giants got the first punch, scoring on a 4 yard run by Brandon Jacobs. The Cards wouldn’t stay down for long, when they scored on a 13 yard run by Beanie […]

Unpacking The Loss: New Orleans

Ouch, that one hurt. And frankly re-watching the tape will be pointless because there would still be no signs of life from the Giants… they were killed yesterday on the road in New Orleans. Dismantled, shredded, burned, and buried. DESTROYED. This I promise will be a shorter article than usual as there is little to […]

Giants Get Crushed In The Big Easy, Lose 48-27

The Giants defense didn’t look Super today against the Saints, as they lost to New Orleans 48-27. There was absolutely no pressure on Drew Brees, and he took advantage of that. The Saints started the scoring off early, on a 2 yard run by Mike Bell which capped off a 70 yard drive. The Saints […]

Giants Roundtable Week 5 Recap: Raiders

Welcome to the latest installment of Giants Roundtable. I decided last week that a recap and preview in one entry got a bit length so I was going to split it up every week. This week we’re getting a late jump on the re-cap becuase of some unforseen issues, we’ll have the game preview up […]

Giants Roundtable Week 5: Recap Chiefs

I’m going to do things a bit differently with the Rounddtable. Let me know if you like this better. Basically it’s the same great analysis only this time I’m going to split it into two sections: the previous game analysis and then later in the week (maybe Sunday morning) the Game at hand.  I just […]

Unpacking The Win: Kansas City

Giants Chiefs Final Score 27 Final Score 16* Time of Possession 30:47 Time of Possession 29:13 * Score was 27-3 until 9:31 left in the 4th quarter You know… while I love the way the Giants have been playing this year there always seems to be an excuse as to why the Giants are successful. […]

Giants to Try Out Matt Bryant

The Giants are bringing in an old friend. According to the Daily News, the Giants will bring in former Giants Matt Bryant for a try out, presumably to push Lawrence Tynes.