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Join The GiantsGab Live Chat!

We are up and chatting now! Join the chat here!

GiantsGab Live Chat!

GiantsGab is having a live chat, Friday at 4. So, before you head off to enjoy your weekend, make sure to chat with us. The main topic is Giants, but if you have a question on anything else, feel free to ask it. We’ll provide a link on Twitter and on the site to the […]

Eagles/Giants – Open Thread

Ok everyone… less than an hour till game time. Just so you know, this post is the open thread for the game so if you want to leave a comment on the developments of the game, please feel free to do so. We here at Giants Gab will be posting updates as the game unfolds. […]

Game Day: Updates

Due to the fact that the Dallas Cowboys cannot win in December, the Giants have a shot to be in control of the NFC East tonight with a win over the Eagles. This is GREAT news to say the least. If the Bears had beaten the Packers we would be in even better shape – […]

Game Day: Live Coverage

Hey there Giants fans. Just wanted to say that I’ll be filling in for Jeremy Fuchs tonight on the Giants Gab open thread and Twitter feed. Check back tonight for live updates, recaps at the half, and hopefully embarrassingly blunt celebrations after the game. Who else can’t wait!?

Strange Coincidence

Here’s something weird that has been happening for me, and I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or the luck of the Irish Pub or what, but….. EVERY time I’ve gone to this central Virginia fan’s Giants Meetup at Finn McCool’s Irish Pub – the Giants win. Every. Single. Time. It’s gotten me pretty shaken at […]

Yankees Game 2 Open Thread

I enjoyed this last night. Yanks, down 0-1, look to get back on the winning track. AJ Burnett vs Pedro (Who’s Your Daddy?) Martinez. Watch the game, discuss it, have fun, just be cool. And on a related note, yours truly will be appearing on NYRadioTalk around 9:30 talking football. Go to this link, and […]

One more day…

This is an unofficial endorsement for NFL Game Rewind from one fan to another. I am now a happy member and the service is lightning fast, the video quality is unbelievable (HD) and there are no commercials whatsoever. The only catch is there is no live game viewing, you have to wait until after it […]

Will Eli Live Up to the Money?

I sent a Tweet out (and honestly, if you’re not following GiantsGab on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Follow us here) that asked this question: Wild prediction for the season: Eli Manning will play up to his contract… Agree or disagree? We got some interesting responses, from agreeing to disagreeing. So what say you? […]

Is Eli Worth the Money?

Now that Eli is a very, very rich man (so much for a recession, huh?), the inevitable debate is going to begin: Is he worth the almost $15.3 he’ll be getting a year? What say you, Giants fans? Here’s my two cents: No one is really worth $15.3 million a year. Neither is Eli. But, […]