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Looking Ahead to the Future

I really, really like what Jerry Reese and the Giants have done this off-season. I was a HUGE Braylon Edwards supporter, but now that that didn’t happen I’m over it. The thing I like about the Giants is that they are a relatively young team are super talented and should be able to compete for […]

Sintim is the Pick:

Again the mock drafts are pretty accurate, with their second pick in the draft the Giants select LB Clint Sintim of Virginia. Here is Sintim’s scouting report After redshirting as freshman in 2004, Clint Sintim started every game as a freshman in 2005 and never looked back. During that freshman campaign he ranked fifth on […]

Pick Nicks:

With the 29th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the New York Giants select Hakeem Nicks, wide receiver,  from North Carolina.   This was the popular pick from many mock drafts around the NFL community prior to the draft.  Nicks is probably the most NFL ready receiver in the draft in my opinion and will look […]

Our 6th and Final Mock Draft

Draft Day is a little over a day away! And it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Braylon Edwards will end up in Blue. Quick note about that: That is a very fluid situation. It could be ‘dead’ now, but could easily revive with the Giants on the clock. So much happens that we don’t know about. […]

Our Fifth Giants Mock Draft

Draft Day is less than a week away. Very, very exciting time. Lots of talk about Braylon Edwards. Does he come to the Giants? If so, before the draft? Do they give up a first round pick? This will be our first mock that really explores what will happen if they trade for Braylon Edwards. […]

Our Fourth Giants Mock Draft

Draft time is two weeks away. Can you feel the excitement? Quick note about the mocks: A lot of this could change if the Giants trade for a receiver. The whole draft would be shifted. But, until there is a trade, we will operate with the current roster. 1. (29) We can say this until we’re […]

Our Third Giants Mock Draft

It’s been two things at GiantsGab recently: Plax and Draft. Today, we give you our third mock draft for the Giants. Last week’s focused on defensive depth, and playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. This week has the same flair, but with a twist. Here it is: 1. (29).  The Giants need wideouts. […]

Our First Mock Draft for the Giants

The 2009 NFL Draft isn’t that far away, so it’s time to start mocking. The Giants have nine picks, and might have more when the compensatory selections are announced. I don’t think the Giants will use all nine picks. I think a trade is in order. With that teaser, here is Giants Gab’s first mock […]

Up Next on Giants Gab

Before we delve back into Giants world, just wanted to comment on a great Super Bowl. Had drama, excitement, Springsteen-doesn’t get much better. Congrats Steelers. You deserve the title. Kudos to the Cardinals for making it more interesting than we all thought.  Not as good as last year’s, but it’s up there. In the coming  days, […]

Some Lingering Details on the Shockey Trade

From NY Daily News: I’m not sure what sparked this, but I’ve gotten a flood of e-mails in the past week or so asking me if the Giants are going to get the New Orleans Saints’ first-round pick as part of the Jeremy Shockey trade. The short answer is this: No. The long answer is […]