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Tom Coughlin Not Happy With Giants Pass Rush

From Tom Coughlin’s presser today via Is the pass rush where you’d like it to be? “No, of course not. How could it be? We didn’t sack the guy the other day. We’re better than that. When we do get there we have to get them in our grasp. We had two or three […]

Osi for Kerry?

I can’t remember where I saw this, so if you are the person who thought of it, I’m sorry I didn’t give you credit. But, the gist of the proposed deal was this: Osi Umenyiora for Kerry Rhodes? It fits a need for both teams. The Jets need a pass rusher. The Giants need a […]

Giants Fire Waufle

The Giants have fired defensive line coach Mike Waufle. Although he was popular with the players, the team just didn’t get a consistent pass rush. He takes the fall for that.

Thoughts On The Sheridan Firing

Well, we saw this one coming. Of course, Bill Sheridan has been fired as defensive coordinator.And while you never want to see someone fired, if the Giants didn’t fire, I’d fear there would be a mass revolt from Giants fans. Look, Sheridan did not do a good job. While he had injuries, his backups did […]

Giants Vikings Halftime Thoughts

With nothing to play for, the Giants are playing like they are playing for nothing, as the Vikings are up 31-0. The Giants defense has continued their awful tackling, and the Giants offense isn’t really moving much. A poor performance. The Giants offense isn’t really doing much. Steve Smith got his 100th reception, and we […]

5 Keys To Beating The Redskins

Another must-win game for the Giants, this time against the Redskins on Monday night. What do they need to win? Here are 5 Keys to Beating the Redskins 1. Pressure Campbell With Webster out, this is even more important. A strong pass rush takes a lot of pressure off the secondary. Because of the failing […]

Trust Me…It’ll Be Okay

With the Giants winning with some regularity lately, Monday mornings have been fun. I pass the Jet fan in the hallway, who after another heartbreaking loss, has nothing to say. I trade barbs with the Cowboys fan who I see at Dunkin’ Donunts every morning. Good natured ribbing is a part of life. But, it’s […]

Kiwanuka irritated by Flozell Adams:

From Mike Garafolo: Still no word on Justin Tuck’s shoulder injury,  but plenty of words from Mathias Kiwanuka on how he felt about Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams sticking out his foot to trip Tuck after he beat him to the inside. Adams was called for tripping, but Tuck was out for the game — […]

Sintim Conference Call Transcript

Clint Sintim talked to reporters. Here is the transcript from Q:  You come from a different system than the Giants play.  Have they spoken to you at all yet about where they see you fitting in here? A:  Yeah, I actually had an opportunity to go out on a visit there and they really […]

Giants on the Verge of Landing LB Boley

UPDATE(3:36 EST): Boley is officially a Giant. The deal is five years, $25 million with $11 million guarenteed. (via New York Daily News). According to multiple media outlets, the Giants are on the verge of signing linebacker Michael Boley to a deal. The deal, according to the reports, would be a five year contract worth […]