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This Giants Offense Lives and Dies with Andre Brown

Since Running Back Andre Brown has been back for the New York Giants, this offense has been incredibly efficient. The running game finally has a face, and that is helping Eli Manning find open receivers. Through the first 6 weeks of the regular season, the Giants hadn’t had a reliable option at the running back […]

Broncos / Giants – 5 Burning Questions

Q+A with 1. Peyton Manning seems to be easing into the season with 7 TD passes last week, but rather than the fastball we’ve heard he’s gotten back, we saw some accurately thrown finesse passes instead. Will this trend continue this weekend and where do you think Peyton’s arm strength is? Peyton himself has […]

Expert Picks Week 2 – Giants Get Little Love

The ESPN Week 2 picks are out and when it comes to the Manning Bowl, the Giants aren’t exactly the home team favorite.  Check it out: As fans, we can appreciate seeing the Giants logo up there from a couple of guys, and you know what the reason is.  This may be the last time […]

AFC, NFC Championship Game Picks

Yeah, the Giants aren’t in it. And that sucks. But, I still love football, and I’m still watching the playoffs. Just wanted to throw my two cents in on who’s going to go to the Super Bowl. JETS AT COLTS: At first glance, the Colts are the clear favorite. Great offense, pretty good defense. And […]

Giants will draft 15th

Based on their record (8-8) and their strength of schedule, the Giants will have the 15th pick in the 2010 NFL draft. The 49ers and Broncos (pick owned by Seahawks) also finished 8-8, but will have the 13th and 14th picks respectively, due to an easier strength of schedule. The Titans and Panthers (pick owned […]

Giants To Draft 17th

Well it’s never to early to start talking draft.  Here are the first 19 picks with the rest to be determined after the playoffs and Jets/Bengals game.  Ties are broken based on weaker strength of schedule. 1. St. Louis (1-15) 2. Detroit (2-14) 3. Tampa Bay (3-13) 4. Kansas City (4-12) 5. Washington (4-12) 6. Cleveland […]

EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Know Why the Giants Are Struggling This Year

This is only going to take a few sentences for you all to know fully why the Giants are struggling this year. First 2008 +9 Turnover Ratio. Lowest Turnovers EVER in a 16 game season by Any Team. (The Giants did not create a lot of turnovers because they only had 13 on the season). […]

Giants Make It Four In A Row And Fall To The Chargers 21-20

I am going to make this write up a short one as the Giants fall to the Chargers by the score of 21-20.  The team played better but showed the same faults that have been haunting them for the past month.  I think it is time for Coughlin to take a look at his coaching […]

Giants Sign Nicks:

From Per a league source, the Giants have worked out a contract with the 29th overall pick in the 2009 draft, agreeing to terms with Nicks. Per a league source, it’s five-year, $12.5 million contract with $6.5 million in signing-bonus money. This means all of the Giants picks are under contract before camp. UPDATE: Jeremy […]

Beatty, Sintim Sign Contracts

The Giants have signed 2nd round draft picks Clint Sintim and Will Beatty to contracts. More details when they are available. The only remaining unsigned draft pick is Hakeem Nicks. UPDATE: (6:00 EST) The Daily News is reporting that WR Micah Rucker and LB Kelvin Smith were released to make room for Sintim and Beatty. […]