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Where Did This Season Go?

First of all, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. That said, what the hell happened to the Giants? We went from a Super Bowl favorite to a team needing a change. A change in mentality. A change in personnel. “You have to decide whether you’re going to be a team that […]

Giants/Eagles Preview: Roundtable Week 8

Hey, Hey, everybody! Welcome back Giants Roundtable Week 8. The New York Giants haven’t faired too well the past couple of weeks facing two dyanic passing offenses. The Giants have also bogged down on offense which worries me more because there is not help on the way. The defense eagerly awaits the return of three […]

Talking Points Cardinals-Giants

I’m stunned to be quite frank. I thought this was going to be a fairly lopsided win by the Giants who would come back with a vegenance. Knowing that Arizona traditionally has not traveled well (I think they are 5-14 before last night in their last 19 road games) and given that I thought the […]

Talkings Points: Saints-Giants

All right so that didn’t go like everyone hoped it would. So let’s first higlight some of the good before we get to soo much of the bad. There were three things in particular that I thought were GREAT to see during this game. Not exaggerating when I say great.   #1 Domenik Hixon is […]

Eli Manning Colin Cowherd’s Number 2 M.V.P

  You read that right.  I was watching Sportsnation on ESPN (or rather flipping through channels and I saw Eli’s picture) and heard Colin Cowherd and the other co host (I know her name is Michelle Beadle, but was not sure on the spelling and I am too lazy to look it up right now) […]

Plaxico Is In Jailaxico

Note: This post originally appeared in my personal blog, The Blog of Champions. I thought it was appropriate to post it here as well. As you may know, Plaxico Burress has begun to serve his jail sentence, almost two years on weapon charges. As a Giant fan, it’s a pretty stunning fall. He caught the game winning […]

Burress Heading to Jail:

From ESPN and the AP One-time Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday for violating New York’s stringent gun laws and was immediately taken into custody following his hearing. Burress agreed to a plea deal last month and pleaded guilty to a lesser firearms charge. The charges stemmed from […]


Anyone know what 422 means for the Giants so far this season. I’ll give you a hint       422. Combined receving yards for Steve Smith and Mario Manningham. 214 is Steve Smith’s number tied for 1st in the league with Santonio Holmes. 208 is Mario Manningham’s receiving yards good for third in the […]

Next Day Thoughts: Giants Cowboys

Here are some Next Day Thoughts on the 33-31 Giants win over the Cowboys: – I have absolutely no idea how the Giants won that game. No idea. The Cowboys dominated them. They got a hell of a performance from Eli Manning, maybe the best I’ve ever seen him. – Another note on Eli: Can […]

The value of short passes: explained, then illustrated.

Flashback to Eli Manning on September 9 talking about how to handle the Redskins Defense stacking the box: “I think we have receivers who can make plays. Guys who can get down the field, guys who can break tackles and we are going to see what the defense is doing and make our adjustments. If […]