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What’s The Deal With Dan Connor?

What’s The Deal With Dan Connor? By Martin Alvin Is it just me, or are other Giants fans wondering what the hell is the deal with Dan Connor? Back on 9/12/13, Big Blue placed him on season ending IR because of stingers he suffered: first, against the Patriots in the last preseason game and then, […]

Hey, NBC–Flex This!

Hey, NBC — Flex This! By Martin Alvin By now, as everyone knows, NBC has decided to exercise their ‘flex’ option by dropping the Giants-Packers game, scheduled for this coming Sunday Night, and they’re replacing it with the Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos game. And the reaction of many Giants fans is a very sincere and […]

Prospect Profiles: ILB Micah Johnson (Kentucky)

Micah Johnson is a prospect that Giants fans should be very interested in for this upcoming draft. Micah Johnson played in the very tough S.E.C. and had some monster games the last two seasons of his career at Kentucky. Micah Johnson’ is a very good athlete and is someone who will be drafted anywhere between […]

Senior Bowl Coverage (Via the web)

Here are some tidbits I’ve found on the web about players the Giants could be interested in the upcoming draft (from while TCU’s Daryl Washington (Bartolis Note: I have mentioned him a few times and have a prospect profile coming out of him soon-he’s one of my favorite targets in round two. played ILB […]

Eli’s injury is a bit more serious

Via Compensating for the plantar fasciitis he battled for much of this season, New York quarterback Eli Manning has developed a stress reaction in his right foot that could be even more problematic for the Giants, according to sources close to the situation. A recent MRI on Manning’s foot revealed the stress reaction in […]

Reviewing the Official Review: CC Brown

This weeks installment of the NFL’s Official Review focuses on the now infamous forward progress call that kept the Giants from rightly shutting out the Raiders last Sunday to the tune of 51-0. Instead the officials decided to award forward progress and return the ball to the Raiders who scored on the next play. In […]

A Tempered Reaction to Kenny Phillips News

Tom Rock yesterday posted a very interesting (read panicky) article about how Kenny Phillips’ football career might be over. I like T-Rock’s take on most things — but I think in the wake of dealing with several injuries to key Giants players, Kenny Phillips most definitely included, let’s instead take the high road here and […]

The value of short passes: explained, then illustrated.

Flashback to Eli Manning on September 9 talking about how to handle the Redskins Defense stacking the box: “I think we have receivers who can make plays. Guys who can get down the field, guys who can break tackles and we are going to see what the defense is doing and make our adjustments. If […]

Umenyiora Proud Of Rival Eagles After Vick Signing:

By Tom Rock of Newsday: Osi Umenyiora doesn’t like the Eagles any more than he has for the rest of his career. But the Giants defensive end said he has a new respect for the organization. “It’s hard for me to say this, but I’m proud of that franchise,” Umenyiora said Friday, a day after […]

Eli’s Teammates “Way To GO!”:

From Ralph Vacchiano: Everybody in the Giants’ organization is understandably thrilled that Eli Manning is going to make enough money in the next seven years to buy at least one pair of front-row season tickets to Yankee Stadium. But it’s not just because they know their quarterback will now forever be picking up the check. […]