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Details About the Plax Grievance Ruling

Mike Garafolo of, does a great job of breaking down the Plax grievance ruling: Just because the Giants had written the full signing bonus into the default portion of the contract doesn’t mean they were looking to get it all back. I haven’t seen the complaint, but it appears Mike Florio at has. […]

NFLPA Happy About Burress Decision

NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith issued a statement about the Burress grievance ruling: “This decision is a real win for the players,” Smith said in a statement published on the NFLPA’s website. “It means that clubs can’t impose additional discipline by claiming back signing or roster bonus monies after a suspension, either by a club or the league. The CBA […]

Burress Wins Again, Gets to Keep Roster Bonuses

From Pro Football Talk: Lost in the news that former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress beat back an attempt by team to withhold $637,500 in signing bonus allocation is the fact that Burress also prevailed on an attempt by the club to invalidate the full amount of a 2008 per-game roster bonus. The Giants not only wanted to withhold […]

Burress’s Monetary Impact

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News did a great job of breaking down what Plax gave up by not taking a restructured deal, as well as cap implications. There are so many parts of this Plaxico Burress saga that scream “What a waste!” it’s hard to know where to truly begin. But here’s […]

More Plax News

With the stunning news of Plaxico Burress being released, a ton of reports are being released. This one, from Matt Mosely and ESPN, states that the G-Men offered Plax an incentive-laden contract for 2009, and could regain the money lost from 2008.  Sources close to the situation told ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap the Giants last week offered […]

Webster’s Contract Restructured

From In yet another example of why you, me or anybody else without all the details should never try to calculate salary-cap space, I just noticed that, in February, the Giants renegotiated the extension they gave CB Corey Webster in December. No big changes to overall value; just some tweaks for cap purposes. Basically, […]

Lowdown on the Contract of C.C. Brown

Details of C.C. Brown’s Contract: Mike Garafolo has a quick rundown of C.C. Brown’s contract with the Giants. *1-million base salary (300K guaranteed) *400K signing bonus *150K roster bonus (prorated per game active) *50K workout bonus *400K incentive if he plays 75% of defensive snaps total cap hit $1.6 million

Taylor Gives Meesage to Strahan: Retire

Giants great and Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor is speaking out through the papers to current Giant DE Michael Strahan, and giving him one simple message: retire.  “He’s had a great career,” Taylor said in todays New York Daily News. “One of the best the Giants have ever had. He’s played top-notch football since […]