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Draft Talk: Giants Roundtable

Jesse Bartolis here, your host telling you we’re bringing the roundtable back now for draft coverage. With me, as always are: Fuchs, Andrew, and Mark Piccuci. (just to make it blatantly obvious the colors the names are in are them speaking. All questions and any type in black font derives from me. I’m kind of […]

Giants-Eagles Game Preview. Giants Roundtable

Huge! Game this Sunday night. As the Giants look to keep their playoff hopes alive this Sunday first the Eagles. This game could get very interesting depending on what happens in the Dallas game. If Dallas beats San Diego this game becomes VERY important for the Giants. If Dallas loses to San Diego the Giants […]

Giants/Falcons preview. Giants Roundtable Week 11

Welcome back to another edition of Giants Roundtable and welcome back to another edition of the Giants Must win this week in order to have a shot at making the playoffs. And welcome back to “ouch: it hurts in here” as Antonio Pierce has been ruled out indefinitely. First let me mention that these questions […]

Giants-Chargers Recap. After the Bye Week Preview. Giants Roundtable.

Well, this is a bit late, but we wanted to give you guys something to read over the week. (truth be told, I got really, really busy this week and this is the first chance I have to write it up). We’ll have the Falcons preview out much faster than this though, I promise. This […]

5 Keys To Beating the Cards

Is this a must win game? I wouldn’t call it that, but this game against the Cardinals is pretty damn important. How do the Giants beat the Cardinals? Here are our 5 Keys. 1. Pressure, Pressure and More Pressure This could be a key every week, but after last week’s performance, they need a pass […]

Giants-Cardinals Preview: Roundtable

Coming off an embarassing lost to the New Orleans Saints where the Giants got abused on defense, Big Blue is looking forward to coming back home and bouncing back against last year’s N.F.C Champion the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are well known for their passing attack and dynamic outside weapons, much like the Saints. The […]

Giants Roundtable Week 5 Recap: Raiders

Welcome to the latest installment of Giants Roundtable. I decided last week that a recap and preview in one entry got a bit length so I was going to split it up every week. This week we’re getting a late jump on the re-cap becuase of some unforseen issues, we’ll have the game preview up […]

Giants Roundtable Week 4: Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome to another edition of Giants Roundtable. I’m Jesse Bartolis and I’ll be hosting today. I have here with me, Andrew Ilnicki, Mark Picucci, and Jeremy Fuchs.  We’re hoping that this Roundtable is a jump off point for anything Giants related that you wish to discuss so after you read the best game re-cap and […]

Giants Secondary Is #1:

Today I was participating in this weeks upcoming roundtable discussion when I realized something.  The Giants very young and thin secondary is currently number one in the NFL.  Despite having just enough healthy bodies, the Giants are leading the NFL in pass defense, allowing 124.0 passing yards per game. They have five interceptions, one returned for […]

The wrong kind of stats

John Fennelly recently posted a bunch of stats over here and he prefaces the entire post with: Here are some facts for you to digest….don’t read too much into them….. I’m not going to trash Mr. Fennelly per se, but I’m going express my extreme distaste for the type of meaningless numbers presented not only […]