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Mr. Reese, Leave That Count Down Clock Alone!

Mr. Reese: Leave That Count Down Clock Alone! By Martin Alvin Mr. Reese, I was wrong about your Super Bowl count down clock. See my article: Mr. Reese Tear Down Your Countdown! Leave the damn thing alone! Forgive me, I finally figured it out — and holy guacamole, Batman, that’s not a Super Bowl […]

A Handy Guide To Understanding The CBA

I’ll be honest: I know absolutely nothing about the upcoming CBA negotiations, and what the potential fallout means. Luckily, the NFL published a handy guide to understanding it. Enjoy: When does the CBA expire should there be no extension to the agreement?  In March of 2011.  Will there be a college draft in 2011?  Yes.  […]

Is Kareem McKenzie the Giant with the Most to Prove?

Is Kareem McKenzie the Giant with the most to prove? That’s what Football Outsiders says. (Insider Account for ESPN needed). They analyzed the Giants salary cap. McKenzie is taking up 5.1% of the cap. They say that he’s is not worth that money: McKenzie is your prototypical road-grading RT. However, his $6.575 million cap number […]

NFL Issues Statement in Burress Ruling

Tom Rock of Newsday had the NFL Statement in the Burress Ruling: “Today’s decision by Professor Burbank again underscores a serious flaw in the current system. It continues an unfortunate trend of permitting players who are suspended due to serious misconduct to nonetheless retain large bonus payments from their NFL teams. When clubs pay upfront […]

Burress’s Effect on the Salary Cap

From Patricia Traina: For those wondering about the salary cap ramifications following the release of WR Plaxico Burress, here is the breakdown. Burress was due to count for $2.85M against the cap this year. That number consists of $1M in base salary, $1M in likely to be earned incentives (which remember given the current state […]

Cya Later T.O.

Sources have told ESPN’s Michael Smith that the Cowboys have released locker room cancer Terrell Owens Wednesday night. Owens had a rocky season with Dallas last year with reported altercations with Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Jason Garrett. The Cowboys paid Owens a $12 million signing bonus just last year, included as part of a […]

Salary Cap Ramifications from this Weekend Signings

Ralph Vacchiano estimates that the three signings this weekend will count for approximately $14.55 million against the 2009 salary cap. He is estimating with figures obtained from the NFL Players’ Association that Boley will account for about $4.7 million, Bernard will account for about $3.2 million and Canty will account for about $6.65 million. The […]

A Freakin’ Fluke, My Ass!

Hate to admit it but I watch NFL Live. Yeah, okay, I know, it’s goofy but, hey, it’s July and I’ve been suffering through ‘football withdrawal,’ since March, okay? I watch it the way I watch really bad old movies on TV that make you laugh at all the wrong times. But, last week I […]