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Prospect Profiles-S Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas is a safety out of the University Texas. Thomas is a redshirt sophmore, so even though he only played two years of college football he is eligble for the draft. Earl Thomas is a sure-fire first pick and the second (my opinion) or third best (people who like Taylor Mays a lot) safety […]

Jerome Bettis “Cowher Is Waiting For Giants Job”

WOW this is interesting, hopefully Jerome is right Bill Cowher wants to be the next head coach of the Giants. At least, he does according to Jerome Bettis, Cowher’s former running back with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bettis said the reason Cowher hasn’t returned to coach is because he’s “holding out” for the Giants job to […]

Bruce Arians: Out in Steel City?

PFT is reporting that Ken Laird from ESPN Radio leaked a report the Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians will be jobless in the coming days. The Steelers deny any such report, and Arians went so far as imply Ken Laird will be the one getting laid off due to the premature flap. Coach Mike Tomlin […]

Would it Be Better for the Giants to Lose or Win Sunday?

If you’re an N.F.L. player with pride of course you want to win on Sunday, but fans think about losing games for better draft position all the time. This weekend is a very interesting one for the New York Giants who currently sit at 8-7 and can not make the playoffs. It is interesting becuase […]

Talking Points: Giants-Dallas

Yes! Yes! Yes! First off, I keep hearing anlysts saying that the Cowboys dominated the game, but came away with a loss. And I think that’s what happens when you don’t watch a whole game, and just look at the stats sheet. The Giants did their job, now we sit back watch tonight’s game and […]

Giants-Broncos Recap. Giants Roundtable

That was the most pathetic perfomance I’ve seen out of the Giants in a long time. They did not even show up for the game. Terrible, Terrible performance. With that being said let’s discuss the Giants performance with the roundtable. I have with me today, Fuchs, Andrew, and Mark. Games Ball Goes to…? No one […]

Talking Points: Giants-Chargers

Hey, didn’t you use to be the New York Giants? For much of the game last night, I saw the team that use to be  the New York Giants. BUT there were only glimpses of that team. The New York Giants team I have loved has found ways to win games the past few years, […]

Talking Points: Giants/Eagles

Oh boy. This is getting old fast. But I’m no fair-weather fan. So let’s get on with the game talk. Maybe we’re spoiled because the team has been so competitive recently, even when they have lost it’s benn close. Well maybe they’ll bounce back. Let’s start with the good. If we continue to play this […]

Secondary (Trading for a Safety) Help Ideas. Recap of the Saints-Giants Slaughter. Giants Roundtable

Before I get to the roundtable I’m going to do a little bit about players who the Giants could use in the secondary. I was going to do an extensive analysis of some Safeties out there to help the Giants becuase I think people want to see that, however, I believe the trading deadline is […]

Giants Saints Preview. Giants Roundtable week 6

How bad was the Giants Raiders game last week? We’ll in many markets the Giants-Raiders game was replaced at halftime by the Lions and Steelers.  The Giants-Raiders replaced by another game that a team had no chance to win…that’s how bad the Raiders were in the game. That should not be the case this weekend […]