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Eli goes perfect

Via Posted by’s Matt Mosley Thanks to Kevin Conlon of ESPN Stats & Information for the following gem: Since Eli Manning’s done for the day (because the Giants have a big lead), he will become the fifth different quarterback over the past five seasons to finish a game with a perfect passer rating, […]

Do you think you are the Ultimate Displaced NFL Fan?

This goes out to you, Packers fan living in Arizona or Seahawks fan living in Southern California or any other NFL fan living far removed from the local market of your favorite NFL team. If that applies to you, here’s your chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl and become a folk hero […]

“Pundits” Are Clueless. I Don’t Want to Name Any Mike and Mikes, I Mean Names

I think National analysts are clueless (and not just Mike and Mikes, there are so, so, so many more). I just happen to think that Mike and Mike who have four hours to talk, a huge production staff, and very good incomes should be much more informed than they are currently.  THE most frustrating thing […]

The Zorn Report

Here are some highlights from comments made this morning by Jim Zorn of the Redskins while talking about preparing for the season opener against the Giants: How has Andre Woodson helped your team this week? (laugh) He is kind of running the scout team, obviously, and I think that is probably the way that he […]

Osi’s out

All-Pro DE Osi Umenyiora, who attended meetings this morning at the Giants practice facility, unexpectedly left before practice got underway this afternoon. When asked about the unexcused absence, Tom Coughlin reportedly said: “It must have been something of a personal nature… I haven’t seen him so I can’t tell you. I can’t indicate the reason […]

Pierce Finishes Testimony

Antonio Pierce finished his testimony in front of a grand jury today. Pierce did not speak, but his lawyer, Michael Bachner, did: “Mr. Pierce’s testimony was clear, coherent and consistent,” his lawyer, Michael Bachner, told reporters as the Giants’ middle linebacker, wearing a black suit, white shirt and no tie, stood behind him. “The grand […]

Next Up On The Witness Stand: Antonio Pierce

From Ralph Vacchiano The Giants’ middle linebacker and defensive leader is scheduled to be in Manhattan tomorrow to testify in front of the grand jury that’s investigating the Plaxico Burress shooting, a law enforcement source told the Daily News. Pierce’s testimony will come one day after Burress took his turn in front of the grand […]

Does Eli Manning Play Better on the Road? Outside the Division? Worse in December?

Before I get into the actual data I want to make it clear that I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Everyone talks about how Eli Manning has trouble throwing in windy Giants stadium, so I’m setting out to see realistically whether or not this is actually true. Let’s take a […]

Giants Lowering Ticket Prices

According to the NY Post, the Giants are lowering ticket prices on many of the unsold seats in the new stadium. Here is the article: The New York Giants are cutting the price on many of the remaining unsold tickets in their new Meadowlands stadium by about 37 percent in hopes of re-igniting interest. The move […]

Brandon Jacobs: Romo Sucks

I saw this yesterday, but I didn’t want to post this becuase I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I’ve seen it circulating around everywhere now and I don’t want you all to think we’re not doing our due diligence.   It’s now been on Spotscenter and is circulating all […]