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A Freakin,’ Flukin,’ Mistaken Cowboy Tragedy

Who says sports TV isn’t educational? Today, on ESPN-2’s First Take, I finally found out how the Giants really did it 2007. It was NOT their resiliency, hard work, toughness and skill but, instead; it was A Freakin,’ Flukin,’ Mistaken Dallas Cowboy Tragedy. Yeah, honest! Lucky for me I was watching. And, the panel assured […]

‘Fat Cat’ Giants Can’t Possibly Repeat!

News flash! Hot of the presses! Bad news Giants fans! It’s official. It’s already written in stone. The ‘Fat Cat’ Giants can’t possibly repeat! Save the fuel. Don’t bother driving to the stadium. Check your TV listings for some old movies on Sundays this Fall. There’s no way the ‘Fat Cat’ Giants can be as […]

Failure to Communicate

Remember the old movie, Cool Hand Luke? In it, prison boss, Strother Martin, asks new prisoner, Luke — played by Paul Newman — a question and gets a “smart” remark in response. He then whacks Luke across the face, sending him tumbling down an embankment, at which point Strother Martin says, “What we have here […]

Forfeit the Friggin’ Season, Okay!

After months of listening to ESPN “experts” like Trey, I’m-so-hilarious-I-actually-crack-myself-up, Wingo … Floyd, I-drafted-Pacman-Jones-and-I’m-proud-of-it, Peters … Marcellus, I’m-awfully-astute-aren’t-I, Wiley … and Darren, I’m-not-astute-but-so-what-I’m-an’ex-Cowboy-and-don’t-have-to-be, Woodson, I’m left with one inescapable conclusion; the Giants can’t repeat. Hell, they may not even make the playoffs. These “experts” point out that the Giants lost key defensive players like Michael […]

A Freakin’ Fluke, My Ass!

Hate to admit it but I watch NFL Live. Yeah, okay, I know, it’s goofy but, hey, it’s July and I’ve been suffering through ‘football withdrawal,’ since March, okay? I watch it the way I watch really bad old movies on TV that make you laugh at all the wrong times. But, last week I […]